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Using the video poker machine in a casino

August 22, 2013 | Comments Off on Using the video poker machine in a casino

The five card draw machine and its variants are the major machines in use in gambling joints in the current times. The variations of the five card draw have been introduced to the market but still the draw machine remains the most popular. The varieties may be based on the jack games.

This game does not involve the casino attendants or other gamblers. A gambler can win in this casino game by a pair of either queens or kings and even aces. These machines are fitted with screens where cards are issued and winnings in terms of credits are also issued. The credits can be cashed in at any time and the pay table is located on the screen.

Once the player pushes the buttons to bet, then the most coveted casino game begins. The cards are issued out after the player has placed a bet of a maximum of five credits. Once a bet is successfully placed, five cards are placed facing up on the screen.

A player can hold or discard all the cards displayed on the screen. This is usually done using the buttons on the screen. When a player wants to hold a card, he will push the hold button and in case of the contrary, he will push the discard button.

The draw button is pushed when the players has made all the hold and discard decisions. New cards will be turned to face up to replace the discarded ones. The new cards are usually the last bunch and at that point the machine compares what the player has with that in the pay table and if the player wins, the credits would be added to the meter and can be withdrawn ay time.

Usually, a number of machines require that the players should hold the cards and those that are not held would be discarded. Some machines however let players discard their cards. This causes confusion especially for those players who like moving from one machine to another.

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